Windows Mixed Reality headsets and motion controllers

A variety of Windows Mixed Reality headsets and motion controllers will be available this holiday from Acer, Dell, HP, and Lenovo, with headsets starting as low as $299.

Mixed Reality headsets

Acer will offer their Windows Mixed Reality Headset with motion controllers. When the headset is paired with the controllers you can take advantage of the full position and rotational tracking in the headset to easily create content or play games.

ASUS’ Windows Mixed Reality headset will be available in Spring of 2018 and will offer a unique design with a pattern of hundreds of 3D polygons and glossy tone-on-tone effect.

The Dell Visor Mixed Reality headsets features high resolution 1440 x 1440 LCD panels for a sharp and smooth 360° panoramic experience for an “as-if-you-are-there” view. It’s thoughtfully engineered for comfort and convenience with well-cushioned head and face padding that allow for comfortable wear, even for users who wear glasses.

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The HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset will also be bundled with motion controllers to provide great Mixed Reality experiences.

The Lenovo Explorer Mixed Reality headsets is ergonomically designed and optimized for comfort so you can immerse yourself in mixed reality experiences for long periods.

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