Fitbit Aria 2, the Most Accurate Wi-Fi Smart Scale

Fitbit Aria 2: Track and understand your overall health with easy setup and connection to the Fitbit platform

Fitbit (NYSE:FIT), the leading global wearables brand, today unveiled its Fitbit Aria 2™ Wi-Fi Smart Scale, reengineered for best-in-class accuracy and easy setup via your smartphone’s Bluetooth connection, helping you track and understand your body composition including weight, body fat percentage, lean mass and BMI.1 By syncing your data from Aria 2 with the Fitbit app, you can see all of your stats in one place making it easier to track your progress and get results.

Fitbit Aria 2

Industry-leading accuracy, simplified setup and sleek design

As an FDA regulated medical device, Fitbit Aria 2 has been reengineered for greater accuracy, easy setup and an improved interface to get you started faster on your health journey:

Industry-leading accuracy: More accurately measure your weight, track your body composition, and view your results in the Fitbit app to see your trends and if you’re gaining muscle, burning fat and achieving long-term results.
Quick and seamless setup: Use your smartphone’s Bluetooth connection for a quick and easy setup and compatibility across more Wi-Fi networks; stats sync automatically to your Fitbit dashboard.

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Improved and modern design: With a striking sleek profile and bright display to view your stats, the updated interface now includes personalized icons and greetings for added motivation.

Supports multiple users: Aria 2 will recognize eight different users so you don’t have to worry about family members or roommates seeing your stats – all of your data stays private.

Get a holistic view of your health with Fitbit

One of the biggest advantages to tracking your weight metrics with Aria 2 is that it works seamlessly with all Fitbit devices and the Fitbit app so you can view all of your activity, exercise, sleep, heart rate, nutrition, weight data and trends over time. Through the Fitbit app, you can also log your nutrition, use calorie coaching to see how many calories you’re burning versus consuming in real-time, and compare your food consumption and exercise against your weight trends to stay on track.

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To help you on your health journey, the Fitbit app offers additional personalized guidance, support and tailored insights to help you reach your goals:

Personal Goal Setting: A step-by-step process will help you create achievable goals based on insights from your data, and health and fitness objectives. Fitbit data shows the majority of Aria users who weigh themselves daily and set a weight loss goal will lose weight in the first 3 months.2
Community encouragement: Use the new Community section of the Fitbit app to join groups of like-minded individuals focused on Healthy Eating or Weight Management (from maintenance to weight loss) to find tips and inspiration as you progress along your path to better health. Receive badges as you reach milestones, share inspirational moments on Feed, or challenge yourself, friends and family to reach your goals.

Fitbit Aria 2

Guided Health Programs: With the new Kick Your Sugar Habit program coming later this year, receive tailored guidance, health and fitness insights, and educational tools over the course of four-weeks to learn how to reduce your added sugar consumption and develop healthy eating habits.3 Additional fitness, nutrition, wellness and sleep programs will be introduced over the course of the next year.

You can also sync your data from popular apps like Habit, Lose It!, MyFitnessPal and more with the Fitbit app to ensure you capture all aspects of your health and nutrition.

Fitbit Aria 2 Pricing and availability

Fitbit Aria 2 is available in black and white for presale today on for $129.95. Aria 2 will be available on and at retailers worldwide beginning Fall 2017, including Amazon, Best Buy and Brookstone in North America.